Asbestos Surveys & Removal

With years of experience from completing numerous projects, ASC Contracts Limited is a well established asbestos removal contractor. We have carried out projects in places such as occupied industrial buildings, residential buildings and fire damaged structures.  ASC provides services including...

  • surveys
  • encapsulation
  • removal
  • disposal

...of all types of asbestos based materials.

Health and Safety

To ensure a safe and professional project we use fully trained and medically monitored teams.  ASC Contracts Ltd meets all HSE requirements in connection with asbestos works.

ASC Contracts appreciates the problems and inherent health dangers of asbestos, which is found in many materials including...

  • thermal and noise insulation
  • fire proof boarding
  • gaskets & sprayed coatings
  • reinforced cement
  • even cloth & rope!

The inherent danger from asbestos is from disruption and subsequent inhalation of its fibres.  ASC Contracts ensures the utmost precautions are taken whilst removing or disposing of asbestos containing materials and invests heavily in training to guarantee that the most effective control measures and procedures are employed.

Asbestos Surveys

It is a legal requirement that an asbestos register be prepared in accordance with HSE publication MDHS 100 for all non-residential buildings, and that a full, intrusive survey is undertaken of any building prior to demolition.  ASC employs trained and experienced in-house surveyors to undertake this work and provide documented and referenced reports.  Independent UKAS Approved Analysts undertake air sampling/fibre counting and bulk sampling in full compliance with EN450001, ensuring that the work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Redevelopment Reports

The asbestos surveys we undertake are specific to redevelopment schemes and are tailored to provide information about the presence and condition of asbestos containing materials.  Large and unnecessary generic sections, pertaining to asbestos management and usually contained with reports, are omitted with the focus being on the location of the material, its asbestos content and condition, and what measures should be taken to ensure worker safety.  The reports are intended for use at site level where the potential for asbestos exposure exists.

Download these two recent survey reports on suspected asbestos in buildings scheduled for demolition: Report 1 (PDF:6MB)   Report 2 (PDF:3MB)

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