The decontamination of brownfield sites and the removal of contaminated material is a core activity of ASC Contracts.

Contamination can be identified from a site investigation carried out by ourselves or supplied by the client.  Remediation and decontamination strategies can then be determined with an emphasis being on correct classification of the waste streams giving the possibility of recycling or treatment on site as opposed to the traditional 'dig and dump' technique.

As a registered waste broker and carrier, we are able to use our own and our partners' fleet of modern transport where necessary to dispose of the waste.  We use licenced treatment or landfill facilities as appropriate to the type of contamination whether it be heavy metals, hydrocarbons or materials containing asbestos.

We segregate waste streams and carry out further testing for both classification and compliance to ensure that our clients have the required audit trails for submission to regulatory authorities and statutory bodies.


Upon completion of site clearance and decontamination, ASC Contracts offers a landscaping service including the creation of car parks and parkland areas.

Reduced Level Dig

ASC Contracts offers a reduced level dig facility where appropriate for future development.  A sheet or contiguous piling service is available as support in the lowering of site levels for basements, underground car parks and the like.  Our retained structural engineeers, Contractors Design Services Limited, specialise in the design and certification of these temporary works for the necessary retention systems.

We have undertaken extensive projects in tandem with CDS engineers to create basements and car parks below both existing structures and cleared sites.  This is carried out in conjunction with the waste management operations to ensure that we deliver the best possible value to our clients.

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