Waste Disposal & Haulage

Using our own transport and working in partnership with the country's largest haulage companies, ASC Contracts has established a network of waste processing, treatment and disposal sites that can be used by our clients.  This can be employed as a stand alone waste management option to an ongoing project or can be incorporated into a works package with ASC Contracts carrying out the excavation and contracting on site.

We have licensed waste sites for tipping at three main locations within the UK: at Middlesbrough, Birmingham and Rochester.  The acceptance criteria for each site covers a broad spectrum from inert fill materials through to hazardous contaminated spoil and deleterious arisings.  The location of our sites and the usage of the national motorway / railway network enables the movement of materials around the country at competitive rates

Waste streams are now, due in part to more stringent regulation on landfill disposal and the increasing landfill tax element, becoming a major cost for any site regeneration project.  Our aim is to supply cost effective solutions to clients by way of managing the different waste streams from sites and using the classification system accurately to ensure that materials for off site disposal are taken to the most appropriate sites.

A process of on site testing and/or interpretation of supplied soil investigation reports by our in house consultants will determine / classify the waste and allow for correct and lowest cost disposal.  Disposal costs are minimised by the use of bio-remediation techniques, recycling centres, treatment facilities and landfill tax exempted landfill cells wherever possible.

All waste treatment and disposal is accompanied by full certification and upon completion reports compiled for inclusion within the H&S File for any project.

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